Law Enforcement Memorial

The Law Enforcement Memorial is located on the Washington State Capitol Campus overlooking Capitol Lake.

A copy of a copy can be a beautiful thing

Check out the Tivoli fountain inspired fountain at the Washing State Capitol Campus.

Winged Victory Monument

Winged Victory is one of the many public art pieces on the Washington Capitol Campus in Olympia, Washington.

What time is it?

Check out the Territorial Sundial on the Washington State Capitol Grounds in Olympia and try your hand at a DIY version.

Get thee to the Farmers Market!

Don’t miss the Olympia Farmers Market, a 40+ year tradition.

Sylvester Park: End of the Oregon Trail Marker

See the End of The Oregon Trail Marker in Olympia’s Sylvester Park.

Eld Inlet and Mud Bay

Outsized metal cattle sculptures, a mud bay and an inlet named after a 19th-century midshipman.

Building community and inspiring a love of reading: Free Little Libraries

Visit one of the many Little Free Libraries around Olympia including the one at Griffin Fire Station on Steamboat Island Rd.

Burfoot Park

Burfoot Park offers a park with facilities, hiking through lush woods and beautiful beach views.

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