Share your garden

Garden with giving in mind this year and learn how to share your crop with the Thurston County Food Bank.

Get thee to the Farmers Market!

Don’t miss the Olympia Farmers Market, a 40+ year tradition.

The Masters

Get expert garden help from the Thurston County Master Gardeners.

Burn Baby Burn

If you live in unincorporated Thurston County, get to know ORCAA and get the details on burn permits.

Going native

Native plants are beautiful, require less maintenance and support the local ecosystem.

Spring is coming!

Get to know what grows and when and you will be happy in in PNW maritime garden.

Let’s Recycle!

Learn about the recycling resources in Olympia, WA.

I Heart the Library

The Timberland Regional Library is a great place to start when you are getting to know Oly.

Building community and inspiring a love of reading: Free Little Libraries

Visit one of the many Little Free Libraries around Olympia including the one at Griffin Fire Station on Steamboat Island Rd.

I’ll categorize posts throughout the year to make it easier to find information. Stay tuned for more!